Become Your Future Self NOW

In the uniquely designed one-day workshop, Become Your Future Self NOW, Wendolyn leads you through identifying your future self, based on your goals, dreams, and personal vision of the highest form of yourself.

Workshop Curriculum

  • Create your vision of the YOU that you are becoming.
  • In-depth exercise to bring the future version of yourself to life in your consciousness.
  • Identify real-life blocks that are slowing the progress of becoming who you were born to be.
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) session –  identify and release the emotional blocks stopping or slowing your progress.
  • (Break)
  • Upon returning from the break, identify another emotional block slowing or stopping your progress in becoming your future self.
  • Another EFT session targeting emotional blocks holding you back.
  • Quantum activation.
  • Be guided into the quantum field and activate the Law of Attraction to create your future self NOW.
  • Ground quantum activation into present day reality – integrate.
  • Practicum—practice embodying your future self, beginning to experience the future today.