Breakthrough Academy

This workshop is the foundational work for your inner healing journey. It is a combination of DOING the deep healing work and LEARNING the techniques so you can BECOME your own healer. The healing techniques you learn will become yours FOREVER and can be integrated into your daily life as powerful tools to help you process and neutralize disturbing emotions and experiences that no longer support you. Wendolyn will help you create a new blueprint for your life from which you can build an updated, empowered YOU.

Wendolyn will teach you how to regulate your nervous system by healing layers of trauma and disturbances to reach greater levels of emotional neutrality. The more we heal and neutralize wounded emotions, the more we can step into our empowerment and find true peace.

Workshop Curriculum

Day 1:

  • Nervous system overview.
  • Direct trauma and vicarious trauma of being a healer.
  • How we heal and breakthrough emotional and belief blocks.
  • Power of neutrality.
  • Instant Forgiveness.
  • Heart Wisdom—tap into your highest wisdom.

Day 2:

  • Heart Wisdom
  • I AM— Identify limiting beliefs and reprogram your subconscious. 

Day 3

  • Parts work & Ho’oponopono—identify your different parts within and perform a healing on a part.
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) for your life.