Effortless Forgiveness

Effortless Forgiveness is a 3-day workshop specifically designed to identify areas in your life that you want more forgiveness around, or areas that you have “tried” to forgive but are still triggered by.

This workshop explores the historic paradigm of forgiveness, deconstructs and redefines forgiveness from a neurobiological perspective, and teaches why “trying” to forgive makes us feel so bad. We explore how the nervous system holds onto trauma and emotional pain, and that through healing the trauma held in the body, effortless forgiveness naturally emerges. 

This three-day intensive workshop teaches you how to heal your past and find true forgiveness that is authentic and effortless.

Workshop Curriculum

Day 1:

  • Why “trying” to forgive makes us feel so bad.
  • Why we cannot forgive through willpower alone.
  • Redefining forgiveness from a scientific perspective.
  • The forgiveness model.
  • Instant forgiveness – learn a powerful technique to use with yourself and others to transform the dynamic of a tense situation in the moment and to prevent negative neural connections from forming.
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) – learn the basic EFT model and tapping points and use on a real-life disturbing emotion.

Day 2:

  • “I AM” – Unearth limiting core beliefs and identify negative self-talk. Transform your subconscious blueprint into a conscious, empowered blueprint from which to embody your true core self. 
  • Heart Wisdom – Tap into the inherent wisdom of your heart and begin to communicate with your soul.

Day 3:

  • Become your own Shaman – Parts work & Ho’oponopono. Identify the part within you that needs the most healing and attention. Perform a healing on that part. 
  • Learn practical, daily ways to use parts work & Ho’oponopono.
  • Heart Wisdom – Communicate with the inherent wisdom of your soul. Ask your heart for specific, personal guidance.