Heal the Healer

As healers, we can only help people heal to the extent that we ourselves are healed. Healers across all fields can give of themselves in time, energy, empathy, and compassion to the point of personal depletion and oftentimes vicarious trauma.

This workshop not only teaches you the techniques to become your own emotional and psychological healer but delves into your own healing journey. You will experience in-depth healing sessions that target your personal life and inner world. Although this is a group setting, the healing work we do is deeply personal and private. There will be chances to share if you are moved to do so, but sharing your experience is not a requirement.

Workshop Curriculum

Day 1:

  • Instant Forgiveness—learn the power of this technique and how it can transform a situation in the moment.
  • Parts work & Ho’oponopono—learn to be your own Shaman.

Day 2:

  • “I AM” – CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) –– Identify and transform internal core beliefs and inner dialogue into empowering core beliefs and inner dialogue.

Day 3:

  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) – restore emotional balance, process emotions, rewire your brain, and regulate your nervous system. 
  • Heart Wisdom—Bypass your brain and communicate directly with the innate wisdom of your heart.

Day 4:

  • FLASH EMDR – Process deep emotional wounds and trauma through a painless EMDR technique that quickly and effectively targets painful emotions and negative core beliefs held in the subconscious.