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  • Wendolyn Wirtz, MS, LPC

"The Quick Coherence Technique" - Heart Math

Heart Math will change the course of our reality. We are in the midst of an energetic shift on our world, and the critical part for humans to keep up with the energetic change is to learn heart-based-living. As the Sioux Legend states, “The longest journey you will ever take is from your head to your heart”. However, with this heart math quick coherence technique, you can create a shortcut to living from your heart. Empirical evidence has shown that when a person is living and making decisions from an activated heart, it literally changes the magnetic field of everything in that person’s radius. Moreover, when a person is living a coherent life, or a heart-based-life, it raises the collective consciousness of our world and assists in the ascension of all. The next phase in our human evolution = living from the heart.

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