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  • Wendolyn Wirtz, MS, LPC

"Headspace" - Andy Puddicomb

After 15 years of Wendolyn ‘trying’ to meditate in earnest, she almost thought that meditation was just not for her. That is, until she was introduced to Headspace led by Andy Puddicomb. This video is Andy explaining in a super fun way what meditation is and why it is doable for anybody. Headspace teaches the lay person how to meditate from the ground up (e.g.: how to sit, what to think about, how not to think, what to do if your mind wanders, etc). After immersing herself in learning how to meditate with the help of Headspace, meditation is now as important as breathing to Wendolyn, and to many of her clients! Ancient spiritual teachings state that the first step to all healing (emotional, psychological and physical) is to learn to clear the mind. After watching this video, go to (or download from the app store on your smartphone) and download the free 10 meditation sessions (you can do them over and over). It’s worth it!

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