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  • Wendolyn Wirtz, MS, LPC

"The Feeling is the Prayer" - Gregg Braden

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

I doubt there’s a bigger Star Wars fan than Wendolyn. Seriously! The first time Wendolyn saw Star Wars at 6 years old, she was completely hooked. Her childhood goal in life was to be a Jedi. She just knew without a doubt “the force” was real. Fast-forward 40 years. Dude, the force IS real! Quantum Physics calls it the quantum field theory. In summary, the quantum field is the space we have historically believed to be empty, which is not really empty. This space is full of a “living essence, a living material” (Gregg Braden). Empirical research has shown that “we may have experiences inside of our bodies that influence the world beyond our bodies through the conduit of what’s in this space” (Gregg Braden). Science is revealing that we can activate the quantum field with our emotions. This is the beginning step in learning how to live in our creatorship. Check out this video called “The Feeling is the Prayer”, by Gregg Braden. Fascinating!!

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